Professional Skills,
Let Your Shop Fly!
Professional Skills,
Let Your Shop Fly!
Professional Expert Coaching,  Training & Service Team
Ecommerce Service
How to do Shopify?
Know Yourself, Maybe you need a Shopify Advisory Help
Sell Goods focus on ROI, the brand pays attention to affective promotion strategy
Exquisite AE, Videostudio Video Template, Perfect Movie Ending, Big Movies 
In today's world brand needs multi channel exposure & sales, adding up brand value.
The Store is just a landing page that carries buyer's needs, The details are important
Where the traffic is concentrated, where the demand break, where the content is produced
Must pay attention to Influencer to increase your brand awareness to a new levels.
Areas of Interests
Our Advisory Service to use everything fragmantatime to solve problems in a targeted manner. One of our consultant cycles is 2 months, we can learn and practice, whether it is a new shopify or an advanced seller. Classroom-style training courses are poorly targeted, And the time is short, usually 3-7 days, and the cost is high
Why Shoply?
Re-marketing setting and optimization
Time-sharing/festival advertising strategy
Tool Selection, Intelligence Report
Time-sharing/festival advertising strategy
Social media management
Business Setting
Pixel Remarketing
Case Studies
Success is reserved for those who are prepared
Fashion ladies clothing shoes and bags, positioning mature women, Brand design, shop decoration, high ROI advertising.
Tea sales shop, early customer introduction, SEO+EMD, online profit, high repurchase
Professional machinery parts mall, multi-sku, SEO+FB ads+google remarketing
Home textiles, home decorations, custom.
Service feedback
Word of mouth and repeat customers are our goals. High repurchase is the key to your success.
The service is very professional and dedicated, if there is an advanced demand, they will buy and renew with them again.
Professional Service
A professional Coaching Team will recommend to a friend
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Guangzhou shop fly Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Dianfei Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in Shopify coaching consulting services, independent station training, shopify generation operation, SEM, Facebook, Google advertising, the company has more than 5 years of experience in the industry, for you a full range of services and professional industry solutions.
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